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Optimize your payments

with Payouts:


Disseminate funds to your users or businesses in seconds and feel the peace of mind of working with a secure, stable and reliable solution.

Get to know Transfiya for companies

ACH connects 17 leading banking entities in Colombia, covering around 80% of the country's banked population. With just a cell phone number, you can distribute up to $2,000,000 COP in minutes to your users, who can receive the money at their preferred bank with a single click.


Solution Features:

  • Available for the 17 largest financial entities in the country.

  • Transfer anytime – Our online service is available 24/7 and is not dependent on ACH clearing cycles.

  • MOVii accompanies you from the back, meaning that our solution is transparent to your user.

  • The recipient can receive the funds at their preferred bank, even if they are registered with all those that are part of Transfiya.

We also offer traditional interbank dispersion through ACH


With this service you will be able to disperse large amounts exceeding $2,000,000 daily, with our personalized service and support. Dispersion times according to ACH cycles

Solution Features:

  • Payment order is received via SFTP files

  • Reception from more than 36 financial entities.

  • Agility and efficiency in the collection compensation process.

  • Ease of operational processes and information reconciliation.

  • Security in the management of information and financial resources.

  • Reduction of development costs.

How does it work?


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